Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sugarcane aphids in the Panhandle

Yesterday, Brent Bean received a call from Justin McGee, Independent Agronomist, that he had found sugarcane aphids in a field that is located in the very Northwest corner of Donley County. Justin sent me the gps coordinates to the field and I went today, July 20th, and I too found the aphids. I did not doubt Justin’s finding, but I wanted to see for myself before sending out a newsletter with the bad news. From what I found there were very few winged and non winged aphids, one to 4 aphids on a single leaf on a plant, and the percentage of plants infested were less than 10%. 
Also, yesterday afternoon Blayne Reed posted to his blog that sugarcane aphids were found in Floyd County by Clay Golden, Independent Crop Consultant, The field was located in Southwestern Floyd County near the community of McCoy. We can hope the sugarcane aphids will be just as slow to build up in the Panhandle as they have been in Lubbock County and in Tom Green County. However, with these findings, scouting for SCAs will, unfortunately, need to be intensified across the Panhandle and the Central Plains.

If you do find sugarcane aphids, please send samples or photos of the aphids to your County Extension Agent, IPM Extension Agent or to Dr. Pat Porter or me, Ed Bynum. This will allow us to better inform everyone where the sugarcane are and the movement of the aphids. We greatly appreciate Justin McGee and Clay Golden for telling us what they found so we can now keep you informed about the movement and activity of the sugarcane aphid.