Saturday, April 22, 2017

SCA Numbers High in LRGV

Danielle Sekula, Extension Agent IPM in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, reported high SCA populations in her April 14th newsletter.

"In grain sorghum we are seeing sugarcane aphids in very high numbers in all 3 counties. Most grain sorghum is either at boot, heading or flowering stage. In grain sorghum that is at boot stage or heading I am seeing about 5 to 15 winged aphids per leaf laying colonies of aphids, about five per each, so they are colonizing fast. In grain sorghum that is in the flowering stage I am finding anywhere from 500 to 3000 sugarcane aphids per leaf in some areas. Do realize that sugarcane aphids are all across the board and migrating inland fast to new fields each day. I predict that these next two weeks we will reach our population peak for the sugarcane aphid in grain sorghum. So please go out and check your grain sorghum for SCA, especially if you are already in the flowering stage because more than likely you already have them there. Now the two products available to spray for the sugarcane aphids this year are Sivanto and Transform. Sivanto spray at 4-5oz/acre, do not go lower than 4 oz for good residual and Transform use that product at 1-1.5oz/ acre, do not go any lower than 1 oz for good residual."

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