Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sugarcane Aphids moving into the Texas Panhandle

Yesterday Dr. Jourdan Bell found sugarcane aphids in her sorghum silage trial near Bushland, TX. Infestations on leaves of some plants were already into the hundreds. Also Scott Strawn, County Extension Agent - Ochiltree, reported yesterday a producer finding sugarcane aphids in a field in his county. The aphid could be anywhere in between these locations. So be diligent to be looking for the sugarcane aphid when scouting. A quick method when looking for the aphids on the underside of the leaf is to reach down into the canopy, using your arm or soil probe, to lift up the leaves. Also, look for honeydew droppings on the the upper surface of leaves. The sugarcane aphid should then be found on leaves above the leaves with the honeydew. Aphids that are just beginning to colonize on a leaf may be missed when using this method. So, a total plant method as described in the post yesterday, August 1st, will provide a more thorough method for examining a plant.

Photo: 8/1/2016 by Jourdan Bell

Photo. 8/1/2016 by Jourdan Bell