Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sugarcane Aphid in Floyd County, Probably Other Counties

Post by Blayne Reed, Extension IPM Agent in Hale, Swisher and Floyd counties.

Independent crop consultants have found sugarcane aphids in Floyd County.  The populations are very light, hard to find, and as of this morning, only along the ‘waterways’ leading westward up the caprock or on the very few fields off the caprock farther east.  These draws cut a pretty good way westward into Floyd and Crosby counties.

One of the fields confirmed with SCA was actually in southwestern Floyd at the edge of one of these draws.  It is very likely we have SCA farther west right now than we realize, but at a level very difficult to find without a fleet of entomologist in every field.  At face value this looks like the same infestation pattern we have had for the two previous years with the aphids either flying on the easiest route or pushed by wind up these ‘funnels’ and drawn to the irrigated sorghum fields on the edges of the draws.  In terms of population today, the number of infested plants is well  below 1% with less than 10 aphids per colony.  We all know how fast this can change and all of our consultants involved with these finds have already re-visited these few infested fields with little change so far.  There are not many winged aphids yet.

This is a very quick and early find by several of our outstanding area independent crop consultants in the region.