Friday, April 1, 2016

Sugarcane Aphid Overwintered in Roscoe, Nolan County, Texas

Sugarcane aphids successfully overwintered in Nolan County, Texas. Students at Roscoe Collegiate High School in Roscoe conducted one of the nine sugarcane aphid overwintering trials that were replicated from San Angelo to Amarillo. Yesterday they reported that sugarcane aphid successfully overwintered in their experiment. The students found sugarcane aphids inside the overwintering cage but not on the Johnsongrass outside the cage. This is the most northerly confirmation of successful overwintering in Texas, although it is possible there was overwintering in nearby Dawson County last year; the results were not conclusive. Results of 2016 High Plains overwintering trials are pending. As mentioned in a previous post, the aphids are moving northward much more rapidly than in past years.

Photo Credit: Crystal Alvarez and the students of Roscoe Collegiate High School.

We would like to express our thanks to these students; Crystal Alvarez, Kelsi Vrubel, Katelyn Collins and Matthew Buckley. We would also like to thank Roxanna Reyna-Islas, Extension Program Specialist 4-H, who worked with the students in conducting this trial.