Friday, April 29, 2016

Aphids Overwintered in Hale County, Texas

Blayne Reed, Extension Agent - IPM in Hale, Swisher and Floyd counties, checked his Hale County overwintering cage today and reported successful sugarcane aphid overwintering. The study site was near Hale Center. Several Johnsongrass leaves within the cage had adults and nymphs. Aphids were not found on Johnsongrass outside the cage. Temperature recording probes were placed at the soil surface and at a two inch depth, and probe data will be added to this post next week.

Prior to today, the most northerly known overwintering was at Tommy Doederlein's study site between Lamesa and O'Donnell. The Hale County overwintering study now moves the successful overwintering line approximately 80 miles north.