Monday, May 4, 2015

Video 1: Starting the 2015 Texas Sugarcane Aphid Season

Texas AgriLife Extension Entomology personnel have prepared video units on the sugarcane aphid for the 2015 season. The first video discusses aphid arrival time, early detection, identification, biology, and the damage potential as related to infestation timing. This 32-minute video is applicable to the entire state of Texas.

Video 1
Topic and video timecode:
Historical spread (4:19)
2015 starting distribution (6:56)
Early detection is important (8:13)
Sampling for early detection (11:13)
Aphid identification (14:13)
Sugarcane aphid biology (19:28)
Potential damage based on infestation timing (25:11)

Future videos will follow over the next week.