Monday, May 11, 2015

Update: SCA in the LRGV 5-11-2015

This week we continue to see increasing populations of SCA. Some of the first commercial sorghum fields were sprayed for SCA as of last week continuing into this week. The presence of SCA seems to be in greater abundance closer to the coast in eastern Cameron County but is dispersing rapidly as more winged aphids have emerged. On another note we are starting to see some sorghum midge in some fields.  Try to avoid spraying pyrethroids to control sorghum midge that way you will not inadvertently flare SCA populations.  Although this spring is notoriously unpredictable for weather patterns and pest populations please continue monitoring your fields, we have observed abundant numbers of beneficial insects (lady bugs, lacewing, syrphid flies, parasitoids and even spiders) that might be holding SCA below levels that could cause damages and if you disrupt them we can produce SCA outbreaks.