Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sivanto (Flupyradifurone) Now Labeled at Lower Rates for Sugarcane Aphid

Sivanto 200SL (Flupyradifurone) insecticide has been issued a Section 2(ee) label for use on sorghum to control sugarcane aphid. The new sugarcane aphid use rate that became effective on 3/2/15 is 4.0 - 7.0 oz. (The full Section 3 label specifies 7.0 - 10.5 oz, but lower rates can now be used on sorghum to control sugarcane aphid.)

Other relevant information appears below.

Preharvest Interval (PHI): 7 days for forage, 21 days for grain, stover or straw.
Minimum interval between applications: 7 days.
Minimum application volumes: 10 GPA by ground, 2 GPA by air.
Maximum number of ounces that can be used per season: 28.

The full Section 2(ee) label is here: